When I first got into marketing, I thought it would be for the movies. Hollywood was the dream and I even moved out to Los Angeles for a few years before moving back home to Seattle. Like all of the best dreams, mine ended sooner than I would have liked when my father got sick with Parkinson’s disease and I moved home to take care of him. It was probably for the best. Making money in Los Angeles, especially trying to make money as part of a movie studio is nearly impossible. There I was, with a degree in marketing and an MBA, an intern at one of the biggest movie studios in the world, working nights as a short order cook. Though things have worked out for the best, and though I wouldn’t trade my family for the world, I wonder what would have happened if I could have ushered NFC into the studio. If I could have left that charge… who knows what could have happened.

Exclusive Trailers


This particular use of Near Field Communication is pretty much the only way I have seen near field communication used in contemporary society. My niece introduced me to the technology utilized in this way and pretty much set me in motion toward understanding it on a whole new level. Basically, a poster is outfitted with an NFC device and you can hold your phone up to it be download or otherwise be led to an exclusive trailer not shown in theaters. 

Rating Systems


For advanced screenings of movies, audience members often have to fill out a form for the movie executives relaying their opinions of the film. The system is very secretive, and for that reason NFC might be perfect for this application. If, when movie patrons entered the theater they passed by an NFC enabled device which opened a secure application allowing them to rate the film and comment on it. The audience then submits their opinions to a secure server and upon exiting the theater the application shuts down as well.  

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