Near Field Communication - Exchanging Information

It has been a while since I was in the dating game, and in that time I have seen things change quite a bit. It used to be if I liked a woman I would walk up to her and ask her out or ask for her phone number. Now, according to my brother who many never for the rest of his life get out of the dating game, there are people who carry their “cards” with them. These aren’t the cards I used to carry, a card which only slightly mislead young women into thinking I held a paying job at a major movie production studio rather than being an almost thirty year old intern. Instead, these cards are something like social media cards. My brother’s has his name followed by ways of getting ahold of him by phone, Twitter, Facebook, smoke signals, Morse Code, and whatever else he finds important. They don’t say what he does, but basically say “Hey, not only am I really busy, I’m also really cool!” I don’t know. He says they work… but then… he’s my brother.

NFC might just make my brother’s head explode with excitement, as now he doesn’t even need the card anymore. He can be too cool for paper. This is because NFC doesn’t only allow information to be imported into the phone, but to exported out of it. Essentially, people in need of one another’s information can do so by simply holding up their phones to the other person’s and letting the NFC technology do the rest. Depending on the software used, the information that can be shared could be everything from contact information to the eHarmony profiles to their schedules for the next week. Anything you might want to share with another person (provided they actually want to know the information, you can share with an ease I have never known. 

In the future, I imagine NFC being used not only for this purpose but maybe as ways to share information with other people, like students to teachers (quiz answers), employers to employees (work schedules) anyone to anyone for any purpose and you can share that information. 

Makes me wonder, though, what I ever did without NFC technology. How could I have ever found a wife? How could I have ever found out the phone number of anyone with just a pencil and paper? Well, the truth is, this is all just sour grapes. In the same way I was a little jealous of my niece when she showed me what NFC was because she knew something so interesting and I had never heard about, I am a little jealous of my brother, and not just because he is running out of cards.

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