Near Field Communication: The Far Future

This is going to sound a little science fictionish to start, but bear with me if that’s not your cup of tea. Imagine you are a doctor and the paramedics have recently come in with an unconscious injured man. You determine the mode of treatment but first you have to be certain that that treatment will not do more harm than good. You could try to contact his family or find his medical records, or you could scan his hand with a device that will tell you exactly what he is allergic to, what procedures he has had in the past, basically his entire medical history. Sound good? Well, it’s actually not that farfetched. In fact, if I can venture a guess, I’d bet that becomes a reality someday.

Or imagine this. You’re out at the bar with some friends enjoying some tasty spirits, paying for each one with your phone. You scan picture after picture of your favorite drink and it is made for you there on the spot (is a robot too much to ask for in this situation?). Then against everyone’s better judgment you deem yourself fit to drive and make your way out to the car. In order to unlock the car door, you wave your phone near the door. You get in and try to start it, but your car informs you through a voice that in my imaginary scenario sounds just like the voice from Knight Rider that you are intoxicated, and then, to round off the experience, it calls you a cab. NFC has just possibly saved your life and the life of a young man who would have grown up to be the greatest world leader in history… or something like that. 

Now to make things even more like Minority Report in the future, through an advanced form of NFC, you will be your credit card. You will be given the option to have a nano-chip inserted just below your skin, making it possible to simply walk into a store, pick up your things, and walk out. The store, having registered the fact that you entered, and further registering what took out with you, charges your bank account or credit card accordingly.

Along those same lines, there is a great possibility for increased security and safety applications with NFC. While there are certainly privacy concerns with these applications which will be covered on another page, it would be beneficial to know where a criminal is at all times, and so perhaps someone who has committed a felony would be forced under law to have one of these chips under their skin. Or another use might be to put one under the skin of newborns, making the possibility of child abduction a thing of the past, as devices reading where a person is at all times would reveal the newborns location.

Further Information on the Future of NFC

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