Near Field Communication - Retail Uses

QR codes have recently taken the lead when it comes to retail applications of their technology. It is easy to walk through stores today and find a QR code or two. These will usually lead the customer to the company’s website or give them a coupon to use at checkout. People typically will take advantage these deals because it requires little effort on their end. They did not have to remember to clip coupons and for that matter did not have to find these coupons in flyers or newspapers. Basically there is nothing but a benefit to the customer, and this kind of no risk, no effort, all reward offer will get customers in the door every time. 

Near Field Communication can take this a step further. In fact, it could completely redefine the concept of “window shopping.” Whereas people currently look in the windows for items they might want or for advertisements for discounts, in the future I believe people will begin walking near stores and checking their phones for any newly downloaded information, such as a list of discounted items or coupons. The amazing thing about this technology is that, unlike QR codes, which would be loaded with certain information and give the prospective customer this coupon, NFC, because of the increased information it can carry and will carry in the future, can give the customer coupons or make them aware of sales based on that customer’s purchasing habits. For instance, if a customer passes a department store and is constantly buying things to increase the quality of his home entertainment system, the store might let that customer know through the use of NFC that there is a sale on a new surround sound system.

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