Uses for QR Codes – Tracking Spending

Okay put yourself in the following scenario. It’s Christmas season. Black Friday. The day during which you give yourself a strict budget as you brave the crowds to do your first round of Christmas shopping. Between toys for little Ricky and clothes for newborn Alexa a new television for your son and a new watch for your spouse, not to mention every rinky-dinky Secret Santa you mistakenly got involved in again this year, you simply cannot go over budget. 

Twelve hours later you look over the heaping pile of things you have bought today, only a small minority of which do you have any idea of the recipient, and you give the traditional Black Friday sigh, knowing in the morning you will be on the phone with the mortgage or credit card company asking if you can lower your payments if only for this month. 

Now imagine this, you have a personal assistant. Now, before you have this poor soul picking up your dry cleaning and taking your dog to the vet, you only have this personal assistant for a single day… Black Friday. Because you are a smart, capable human being, you know the best way to utilize your new temporary personal assistant is to task him with ensuring you do not go over your budget. It is his job to write down your every purchase and to remind you of it when you begin nearing the limit. 

NFC can do this for you, and it won’t cost you anything (unlike those pesky personal assistants). One of the future uses for NFC might be spending tracking. While budgeting software, like, does exist and has existed for some time, this kind of real-time monitoring does not. Not only could it help someone looking to stay within their budget in one day, but during the week and month as well. Imagine using budgeting software that not only knows how much you have spent during the week, but where you have spent it and on what. Budgeting software already allows you to make budgets for certain areas of expenditure such as groceries or gas, so it is not a far leap in imagination to believe that it will be able to do this in the future and in real time. 

Frankly this is use of NFC is one of those that I am really looking forward to. I’m not one of those people who looks for the next thing to make something that is already convenient just barely more convenient, but this is a major leap. It used to be, if I wanted to keep myself on budget, I would have to keep track of my expenditures by writing them in my checkbook. This means I would have to remember my checkbook, and usually meant dirty looks from the teenage cashier who simply could not understand why people still used checks in the first place. Tracking my spending in this way is something I would spend good money on, provided it was within my budget.

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